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How much should you spend on your website?

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The cost to build a website is a lot like the cost to build a house. The price range can vary wildly and there are many, many factors that make up the cost. Clients usually are ready to spend money on a website when they’ve got some kind of a problem: their current website isn’t converting leads efficiently, it’s difficult to manage or they are fed up with their unprofessional web agency. If this is the case, figuring out what you spend on your new website is as easy as figuring out what the current problem is costing you. I would never recommend spending $20,000 on a website if the problem it’s solving is only costing you $500.

Using this method to figure out what your budget should be will tell you how much to spend. However, figuring out exactly what you can get for that budget can still be a challenge. The rest of this article will discuss the things that most directly affect the cost of a professional website.
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