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Why are some web design companies cheaper than others?

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When looking for a web design company most people will shop around, which is a great idea but beware. If something sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is. It really comes down to you get what you paid for. So, if a web design company offers to do your website for a lot less than others, you need to ask yourself why? Why can this company do my website for less? The more questions you ask the more likely you are to find out why. Ask them the following questions: Is the website a template site?, Is your web design company located in the United States?, Are you a recent college graduate or are you still in college?, Do you have experience? and Will you provide me with a project scope?.

Does the web design company use template websites or do they build custom websites?

When looking at a web design company’s portfolio, keep a look out for sites that look an awful lot alike. If a web design company has a few websites in their portfolio that look nearly identical in design ask if they are template websites. Some web design companies make or purchase templates and use the same template and just change the wording or colors for all of their clients. Every business is different so using the same design for numerous businesses does not work and will lead to unhappy clients. If a web design company prices your website a lot cheaper than others they might be using a template to build your website rather than building you a fully customizable website to fit your business.